Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Punctuation Practice

LD has been reviewing his punctuation and capitalization rules this past week or so.  Here's a new sheet he did about our family holiday a year or so ago (or go to my downloads page).  The playground we went to was amazing!! The kids still talk about this playground.

You probably won't care that much about LD's worksheet, but I bet some will be amazed by this public playground!  I'll put in a bigger photo of the slides below.

Here's the old post about this amazing playground down near Adelaide, South Australia.

And then back to language arts--here's another quick worksheet LD did to review some grammar rules.

Here's a practice sheet on capitalization, punctuation (.,!?) and contractions.  You can find it here. 

I'm adding this in later -- got side tracked with dinner -- Here are a couple of matching activities if you need practice identifying some of the basic contractions:

Cupcake Contractions -- From First Grade Teaching

Fishing for Contractions -- Oceans of First Grade Fun

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  1. Park looks NICE!!!!!!!! I like your lang sheets!! Thanks a ton for sharing :)