Sunday, May 1, 2011

Plans for the Next 5-7 Weeks

While on holiday it was time to think through our homeschooling plans for the next 5-7 weeks or so. I always have a running plan in my head, but sometimes it's useful to put it down on paper, so to speak.

As you will see, I am trying to include a lot more Newberry honor and medal winners now that DD is a bit older. I'll continue to read lots of children's books and Caldecott books to ED (and whoever else is around) as well. (I put books out on the dining room table and the kids beg for me to read while they eat.)

History and Geography: Before our holiday, we finished our study of the Ancient Mayans and finished our read aloud (The Corn is Ripe).  We'll move on to the Ancient Aztecs, Ancient Incas, and will study the geography of central and South America (continent song).
Read Aloud: Incan Newberry Honor Book--Secret of the Andes
I have a number of books on hold at the library, but am not quite sure how this unit will unfold! Any suggestions from what you've done?

Science: Gardening Science -- Junior Master Gardener curriculum. Chapters 1 and 2 (This will be quite ambitious as there are probably 30 activities per chapter!) We are all so excited about this! It is truly an amazing program.

Literature: To go along with this attention to plants, plant growth, plant identification and so forth I'm going to read a few Newberry books that show how people survive out in nature. 

Abel's Island - This book is about a mouse who is swept away from his beloved wife in a severe storm. He finds himself stranded on an island and survives for an entire year on his own. It talks about the plants he ate, the dangers he faced and what he did to entertain and keep his mind engaged.  It has illustrations almost every fourth page or so which will help keep DD engaged.

Hatchet -- In this book, a boy survives a plane crash and has to survive in the Canadian (?) wilderness. LD is anxious for this book, but I don't know if DD will like it.

After that I'm not sure what we'll tackle. Perhaps the Secret of NIMH, The Black Stallion or Island of the Blue Dolphins?

The Human Body Unit -- I plan to continue doing activities with ED and DD (and LD as interested) using Everybody Has a Body

LD continues on with the times tables 2 through 6 and I'll be introducing division families. Continuing with addition and subtraction practice (thousands 4567+1789) and adding 3 problems together (23+44+16). I'm debating whether to start him on the 7s times tables or really cement in those others which he's been working on for 5 or 6 weeks now  (or longer?). I'll ask him how he feels and go from there. We also should start on fractions a bit... we'll see.
DD -- She'll continue on with her 1st grade curriculum but I also want to go include a lot more Montessori work (place value activities and so forth). Also, I'd like to work on money with her a bit more.
ED -- continuing to work one to one correspondence, number recognition, Montessori activities

LD 3 new pieces:
DD 3 new glockenspiel pieces,  sit down to teach her teach her two pieces on the piano
ED we haven't had music class for a long time because of illness and other conflicts. I hope to get in another 4-6 weeks with our friends before summer if they're up for it. We love, love getting together with them so hopefully we can get our schedules to work.  ED is always asking if her friends are coming over. Too cute!

Independent Reading: 
LD chapter books; introduce the 3rd Grade reading list, have him make selections and borrow from library. Check them off as he goes.

DD -- Henry and Mudge. Perhaps move on to Horrible Harry soon.  Grade 2 Little Critter reading book (read aloud to Mom)

Spelling - All About Spelling
Writing -- Write Source
Handwriting -- Handwriting without Tears


  1. New Follower here! Glad I found you through confessions of a homeschooler. :) This looks great and you are inspiring me! :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks so much for your comments. I always love hearing from people... it really makes my day! Hope you have a good one too! ~Liesl

  3. liesl what math curriculum you are using with your grade one daughter ??