Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Backyard Classroom

The past week we had a wonderful time with our friends. We took them on a short hike through the woods and spent a lot of time looking for frogs and things.  LD couldn't get enough time down at the creek and spent a couple hours each afternoon hunting things down.

We found a bunch of new (to us) critters! How exciting!
I think this little guy is a Northern Cricket Frog.
We also came across this treefrog -- which we think is the Cope's Gray Treefrog.

LD caught a salamander and a couple of crayfish.
Crayfish breathe through gills, so we took this picture quick and put it back in the water.

This is the small creek that runs winds it way through our property. It is wider back near the bridge, but this area is nice because it clears out a bit like a little meadow.
We've seen these 5-lined skinks a lot, but I couldn't resist including yet another photo! They have such bright blue tails.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!! Isn't it wonderful to have such wonderful things around your home!! We do too!

  2. What a fabulous backyard you have :-)

  3. Yes, I/we am/are so, so happy here! We feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. During dinner we a family tradition of holding hands and being thankful for a moment or two in silence. Then we all talk about what we're thankful for on this particular day. Invariably one or all of us are thankful for the house (and land) we have (not to mention the family, etc.). ED is so precious -- she often is thankful for random things like the sun or rainbows! :)