Thursday, May 5, 2011

Math Activities for DD (age 5)

DD has enjoyed math so far this week. In addition to a bit of work in her math workbook each day -- here are some things we did together:

Place Value:
She is finding the numbers 500 90 and 7 and stacking them on top of each other (bottom left of pic) to make 597. These plastic place value cards are from our  Right Start Math curriculum, but can be purchased separately.
Now she's using these sets of hearts to find 597 hearts. First separating the numbers back out as you see in the picture and then stacking them together as one digit.
We also have the purple dots from Montessori Materials click here for 1s and 10s and here for hundreds.  I printed out stacks of 10 and put them together with a brad to show 1000 beads (but only did a few of them!!) Even though we have "real" Montessori beads, we have actually gotten WAY more use out of these purple bead paper sets that I laminated and put together when LD was 5.
We've worked with these before, but this week DD was really blown away by how many dots there were in the thousand piles.
We played a simplified version of Snap It Up -- Money (basically as the game "War") -- and then used Montessori beads to show how much money she'd have with each card.
Addition Game:
Everyone came running when I pulled out Zap!!  In this game you take turns flipping over a card and then adding the numbers together on paper. Each player can continue to flip over a card and add it to his/her score BUT if you turn over a ZAP card you lose your points for that round. And, if you turn over a DOUBLE ZAP card you lose all the points you've earned up to that point (even from earlier rounds).  We played five rounds.

DD is starting time to the hour and half hour. We use some basic flashcards and I spend about 2 minutes going through some cards.
I like these cards because they're a good size and have the answers on the back. DD wants no help from me as she goes through them.  I pulled out the ones to the hour and half hour, but this card set has cards that include the quarter to and quarter past cards.
I know I always post about this game, but DD and I play it all the time.  We use Who Loves Ya cards from Oceans of First Grade Fun.  You pick up a card, add the numbers and move that many spaces. If you land on a card with instructions (such as double move, triple move,  etc. you pick up a new addition card and continue on until you can't go any more-- such as  a blank space, stay put space, etc.) There are three "Start" spaces and three "win" spaces on the board. You can start anywhere (and win either by landing on one of the win spaces or by getting the "Who Loves Ya" card).
Included a few cards so you could see how cute they are!!
Terrible, washed out picture, but never got around to taking another.  We play money war with these cards at the moment. The cards have pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, fifty cent pieces and even a dollar coin. (Snap it Up! Money)


  1. My kids love playing games or doing file folders. My daughter has a little more trouble with math than the boys and your idea about the blocks from rightstart is wonderful. We do something similar for the place value however I am going to have to make or buy those "blocks". We use MUS and I can use the real blocks we have but might be a differnt approuch for her to use something different! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. looks fun! I'll have to check out the link to the Who loves you game. Thanks!

  3. thanks for all those math games . tina would love them for sure . i am trying to do moe math with her . liesl there is no email contact on your blog . i did write to you on an old email address i have but didn't get any reply from you . really is it difficult to put a button to receive updates of your blogs by emails . i love all what you r doing with your kids and love to follow buti am still not good with google connect .blessings.viv

  4. Hi everyone,

    Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for the nice comments. All the kids love games and it brings them running for math time if I start out with a game or two before any more technical work. (If you know what I mean.)

    Viv, I haven't checked email there for over a month (since before we drove to Florida)!! SORRY! I'll try to get over to the email there soon, but that's still a good place to reach me (for you or anyone) the homeschool den (all one word) at yahoo d0t com. I once posted that as a link on the website, but suddenly became the target of junk mail. Ugh!!

    Again, Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there!

  5. Hi Liesl,
    You have such wonderful activities here! I'm going to spotlight you on my blog!