Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looking Back -- A Year Ago This Week we Left the Outback

A year ago this week, we said goodbye to the outback. It was bittersweet for us. We were ready to come to the US and live nearer to our family, but we loved our twelve years over in Central Australia. The kids were all born there. In no particular order -- here are some photos from the Outback (animals and other stuff). For many, many more -- click on the Where We Live link. When I started this blog, that is where we lived (I guess I had no eye for the future!)

We had many amazing friends over there. We found out last week that one family we are particularly close to is going to move to the same town as us! Hooray!
This is pretty typical scenery.  This was taken on a camping trip along a dry river bed.
We always wore hats and often wore fly nets when we went hiking or camping because the flies were so bad.
This is a thorny devil.
We used to go feed the wallabies behind a local motel all the time (about once a month).  You could by food for a dollar and the rock wallabies would feed out of your hand.
This beautiful place is called Simpson's Gap.  I used to do a lot of mountain biking and when I was training for mountain bike races I would ride my bike out there (roughly 20km each way).

This is a Galah (ga-law).  They are pretty, but make an awful squawking noise especially since they fly and feed in flocks.

We had bird seed out on our fence and attracted lots of birds including galahs above and Port Lincoln Ring-necked Parrots (below). Port Lincolns are often seen together as a pair.

Stuart Desert Pea
I took the kids hiking at Standley Chasm all the time (above and below). The chasm was awesome looking at noon when the light came straight down.

Each year there were camel races in town.  They were great fun to watch and a big tourist attraction.

This is a redback.  We had them all around our house. Ugh. They are related to the black widow and they are venomous.
The kids loved the Reptile Centre because you could hold the lizards and one of their (non-venomous) snakes. This is a blue-tongued lizard.

This of course is Sydney. We flew in and out of Sydney whenever we flew back to the States (which we did reasonably often since there were lots of weddings, funerals and rotation trips in the 12 years we were there.)
Tasmanian Devil
Little ED feeding and an emu.

Feeding the  kangaroo in South Australia

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  1. WOW - What gorgeous pics you have! I will prob never travel there and it was wonderful to see those pictures! I hope that your move hasn't been to hard. Im sure your family is happy to be around and partake with the kiddos! XOXO