Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Language Worksheets

 I've made a few worksheets to go with our language and spelling lessons, but only just started writing them on google docs. I'll post them in my Free Downloads area  if anyone is ever interested. They're plain old worksheets, but this seems to work really well for my son to help review language rules with an absolute minimum of writing (which we do in other areas of our homeschool day).

By the way, can someone let me know in the comments area if they were able to bring up the documents?  I don't know if I made it "public" or if it just works from my computer. (Still learning these things!)

The capital letters practice is for DD.

The ou and ow word sort worksheet goes along with the sorting activity I found at Finally in First.


  1. for me! You've made loads of things to share.... how great! I'm yet to work out how to share the things that I make.... on the to-do list! I've read about the spelling programme before.... how do you fit that and first language lessons into your day if you don't mind me asking? Thanks, Jen x

  2. Thanks Jen! Glad to see I did it right. I sure can't recommend All About Spelling highly enough. I try to fit it in about 3 times a week. Most days I was doing spelling one day and language another (reading happens every day). But now that we started First Language Lessons, I suspect we'll do that most every day (and continue on with spelling about 3 days/week). DD absolutely loves FLL and is excited for those lessons (they are short--5 minutes even doing two lessons at the moment). Love that enthusiasm!

  3. liesl got first language lessons book when my dd was 2 years old and i was researching homeschooling curriculum .she just turned 5 and is reading well so maybe i should give it a try . i want to get all about spelling but i need to find a way to get it over to us shipping it will cost almost double the cost . i am hoping i find somebody i know traveling to the states and back .those type of lessons are perfect for me with all i have to do in my day .it is the other areas i am still unsure about , which subject to focus on ??? i ordered story of the world thinking like first language lessons , it is set up for me i don't need to guess what to teach and with the activity book that comes with it i can turn our lessons to hands on activities . with math i am not sure how to go , i followed your recommendations and bought games for math , i have all montessori bead material for wonderful price shared by my friend , and i have right start level 1 , but i feel stuck not moving forward just playing with quatities from 1 to ten.
    science there is so much no sure what to choose , the problem is that her interest changes from day to day . one day she wants to know all about frogs than the next day something completely different . do you use work books to create your material?? i cannot remember where i read about all about my body on your blog , do you recommend it to dd5 and ds2.5 ??
    thank you for the last few posts .oh and i have a friend traveling to australia for a month and back , anything specific i could ask for to add to our continet box , i asked before but they didn't know what to bring , they asked me to be specific this time .blessings. viv