Monday, May 30, 2011

Capitalization Rules and Practice Sheet (free)

The main focus of our language arts is always reading -- both independently and aloud together. I really feel there's no better way to increase your vocabulary, learn about the eloquence of language. We talk about what we read, we memorize poetry and all that.  But since we have some standardized testing coming up, we're doing some more formal language arts review (thus all the worksheets).  A quick, straightforward sheet seems to work best for LD (though we've never particularly been "worksheet" homeschoolers if you know what I mean). 

So, if anyone's interested here is the sheet I made to review some of the capitalization rules.  The blanks are for the kids to write in examples. For instance, "Titles such as..."  Mr.    Mrs.    Dr.  I'm playing around with inserting images and have a summer theme happening! 

 Capitalization Practice Sheet -- Circle any capitalization errors you see.

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