Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wonderful Valentine's Day Math Activities (for K or 1st)

I've come across a number of beautiful Valentine's Day math activities that I plan to use this week with DD. They are so pretty and well done, I just had to share in case someone else might want to incorporate them into their week! I wish I had the time (and health!...I still have a vicious cough from the pneumonia.) to be making such beautiful things, but at the moment I just have to be grateful to those who have shared with the wider world. Thank you SO much!!

This first one on the above and below is an addition sorting game from the beautiful Valentine's Day unit made by Michelle at Musings of Me.  The packet has 154 pages of gorgeous activities.    And, she shared this with us for free! I'm so grateful for her generosity!
ED just got this cardboard playhouse that she can color for her birthday. It has a cute "mail slot" and I thought I'd "mail" these addition problems to DD. I think that'll be a hit!
These cute owl addition problems were from Oceans of First Grade Fun. Sorry the picture is blurry. I printed out two pages on each sheet (but haven't had a chance to cut them apart yet.) The game is called Hoo Loves You and you can download it and print it out for free.  Thank you so much Ms. A!  I thought we might use these with a homemade board game that DD enjoys playing and if someone gets the "Hoo Loves You" card they'll automatically win!
In this board game, the player draws a card and move forward that number of spaces (3+4).  You continue round the track (following the directions on each square such as "Go Back 1 space," "Double Move" (so with the 3+4 card, you'd move 14 spaces)  or "Draw Again" until you can't move anymore (such as a blank space, "stay put" or "lose a turn"). Then it's the next player's turn. The first person to land on one of the "Win" spaces wins the game.
You can see our board game is pretty wrinkled and beat up.  It's been a huge hit this year! This board game idea came from Peggy Kaye's fantastic book, Games for Math.
I thought these sequencing cards would be good practice for DD. It's an activity she can easily complete on her own when I'm wrapped up with the other kids.  I'll just have that in her workbox for her.  This is yet another activity from Michelle at Musings of Me from her Valentine's Day Unit.
These bingo cards are from The Idea Room.


  1. Thanks so much for linking to me! :-) Sorry I haven't answered your email yet - we've been off due to my husband's grandfather passing away....I will respond to you this week - hope your kiddos are feeling better!!

  2. Thank you for this great resource from Musings of Me!