Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some of LD's Activities (2nd Grade)

Science: Obviously we're working on our Earth Science Unit and that will probably continue for at least another month.  We are also working through the Real Science-4 Kids Chemistry book Pre-Level 1.  I really like these books and recommended them to my sister (they homeschool) back a couple of years ago. Her kids are older than mine and she went through the Pre-Level one books and then continued on with the upper levels she and her kids liked them so well. I know they're using them this year, but didn't ask her what levels/subjects they are on. (Her kids are now 9, 12 and 13.)

In talking about how molecules react, we talked about some of the science experiments we did last year that show that two chemicals reacted. Of course, just talking about the Bubble Bomb wasn't enough so I promised we could do that again.

Here are the ingredients, in case you haven't done this with your kids.  Baking soda, vinegar, a ziploc bag and a tissue. Pour the vinegar in the bag, zip it most of the way.  Pour baking soda on a tissue, fold of the ends and hold it in one corner.  Zip the bag closed, drop the tissue into the vinegar, shake, drop it and watch it POP!

Math: LD has nearly completed his 2nd Grade math workbook. He continues daily practice on addition and subtraction (multi-digit... so often working problems such as 621-388, for example). As you may have noted he is just beginning to work on multiplication (2s through 6s).

Language Arts: This semester we are taking a break from our daily work with Handwriting Without Tears  (we'll do it once or twice a week; he works on cursive) and instead are doing some daily language arts work. He does two pages a day and it covers things like compound words, f sounds (gh, ph), syllables and things like that. He hasn't done any work like this and it's been a good addition to our curriculum. It goes over some good spelling/phonics rules.

Read Alouds:
LD and I still read aloud together even though he reads 4-10 chapters on his own each day. We are currently reading two novels; we're about half-way through each of them. We're reading Charlotte's Web because we will be going to a theater production of Charlotte's Web in a few weeks.

We've also been making our way through the wonderful Magic Shop Series. We are on the last one, but LD would heartily recommend them! He has thoroughly enjoyed them all.

The Monster's Ring is the first in the series. 

We are currently reading Juliet Dove.
Music: LD continues to learn the piano. Once we're healthy enough we'll resume our world music classes with friends (we're on Europe), but we've all been so sick that we've haven't had classes with our friends since December!!

Geography: Having been a history teacher and having enjoyed living and traveling abroad so much, geography is just a natural part of our life/curriculum.  Last semester, we had a world map place mat and I often asked the kids where certain countries were as they ate breakfast or lunch.  Ever since we had company, our world place mat has gone missing.  I've searched high and low, but have been pleasantly surprised by LD's passion for finding the 50 states.  As I'm cooking and he's waiting or eating, he'll demand I quiz him.  In fact, today he said it wasn't challenging enough so I'm asking him what the capital of Arkansas or whatever is! 

Going along with our study of the Middle Ages, I've had LD identify and locate some of the physical features of Europe -- seas, mountains and a couple of rivers.

I've been considering buying this wooden map of Europe for the longest time.  I decided to go ahead and get it since we're studying Europe with our world music class and because we're studying about the Middle Ages. I am really impressed with the quality of the map. I love the size. And things the labeled control map really adds a lot to this.  I bought ours from Kid Advance (Montessori materials shop) online.

I'll be doing separate postings about our Middle Ages unit sometime soon.

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    Sorry to hear that you guys weren't feeling good. So glad to know you are back with so many great activities to share. I had a question for you. I was looking for a good Mathematics program for my son who is 4 1/2 years old. Do you still do Right start math with your kids? We do lots of Montessori inspired math activities, but looks like Right start math gives the proper sequence and direction in terms of teaching. Also which math workbooks do you use for LD? Do you also do Right start math for him?

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