Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Earth Science: How Fold Mountains are Formed

The most common types of mountains are fold mountains. Some fold mountains include the Himalayas, Andes, Rockies, and Alps.

This activity showed how plate movement creates folded mountains.When the two continents collide, the plates wrinkle and fold.  Here's our activity to show this happening.  It's the same principle as the damp graham cracker we did a few days ago, but this shows the "layers" of the earth folding/wrinkling.

Here's an example of a fold mountain in the Alps in Switzerland (image from wikimedia commons)
Fold Mountains - Earth Science Activity #homeschoolden

This was one of the activities we did during our Earth Science unit as we talked about plate movement, earthquakes, faults and so forth!

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Learn how to make an earthquake shake table, more than a dozen hands-on activities on the layers of the earth, plate movement, convection currents, earthquakes, volcanoes, and more!

Topics include: Solar System, Layers of the Earth, Earth’s Axis and the Seasons, Latitude and Longitude, Plate Tectonics, Faults, Earthquakes, Earthquake Waves, Volcanoes, 4 Types of Mountains

Here is a Quick Preview of the Earth Science Packet.

Our Earth Science Unit covers the solar system, the layers of the Earth, plate tectonics, the ring of fire, faults, earthquakes, volcanoes and more.

It also includes instructions for more than a dozen hands-on activities we did with this unit. This includes activities about plate tectonics, convection currents, using a compass, earthquakes, volcanoes,  instructions on how to make a shake table and more!

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We did this unit twice: My kids were in Grades 1, 4, and 6 when we did this unit the first time. They were in Grades 4, 7 and 9 when we covered it again (and added to the packet!).

Scroll down for more pictures and information!

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More pictures of what is included:

Layers of the Earth Activities

Pangaea and Plate Movement Activities  
Types of Plate Boundaries
Faults, The types of earthquake waves


Types of Volcanoes Activities

In this unit, we especially liked these resources. These are affiliate links:

Here is a glimpse at one of our latest packets, the Layers of the Atmosphere: 

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  1. I want to know when I can bring myself and my kids over to your homeschool?? LOL I love looking over your blog -- You always have wonderful science activites for your kids... This is my weak area! I try to do good... Do you have an recommendations on books that would be great?? Thanks!! Kayla

  2. I'm loving your earth science activities.... is it the R.E.A.L Science odyssey unit that you are following? I was considering ordering it for us to use next term and if these go with it then I'm definately going to..... if not and you have put it together yourself then can i just nick all your ideas please?? LOL, thanks, jen

  3. Hi Kayla and Jennifer,

    Thank you for such nice comments! I just love hearing from others. You were asking what books we used and how I developed this unit. I didn't use any one specific source (actually haven't ever seen R.E.A.L. science so can't comment on how well our activities go along with that -- perhaps someone else knows??), but here's how I planned it out...

    I wanted to do the Montessori study of land and waterforms (I have beautiful cards that I'll talk about in the next couple of weeks from But I didn't feel that was enough in and of itself... I really wanted the kids to have a strong understanding of how/why the earth was formed and how much it has changed through time.

    So I looked through some of the sources that I have:

    Here are some of the books I used:
    Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding (a Science Curriculum for K-2) by Bernard Nebel
    How the Earth Works: 60 Activities for Exploring Volcanoes, Fossils, Earthquakes and More by Michelle O'Brien-Palmer
    Earth-Shaking Science Projects about Planet Earth by Robert Gardner
    How the Earth Works: 100 Ways Parents and Kids Can Share the Secrets of the Earth by John Farndon (from Reader's Digest)

    One last thing, please feel free to use any/all the ideas we've shared. That's why I blog--in case someone else finds it helpful!! :) I have nothing but gratitude for the other bloggers out there who have shared their great ideas and successes!

  4. Thank you for Earth Science posts - your activities are so interesting :-)

  5. thanks for sharing and helping me with some neat books!! xoxo

  6. Thanks for taking the time to list the books you used... so helpful and inspiring! Best Wishes, Jenni

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