Monday, February 21, 2011

2nd Grade Math: Clock Work & Other Math Work

I saw this wonderful clock idea for telling time at Suddenly 2nd Grade by Mrs. Nielson.

LD has been working on time in intervals of 5 minutes.  This idea is  great, isn't it?! It is perfect for learning to tell time on an analog clock.

I made sure that the kids were able to skip-count by fives. I made these skip counting by 5s mazes that you can download over at our new location,  Free Skip Counting by 5s Activity
This clock activity worked really well.  You cut out the clock face and snip the lines between each hour.  Then I had LD write the 5 minute intervals on the paper below.  When you lift the flap, he could tell what time it was: 3:50, in the picture below!

You can make telling time worksheets at

 You can print out our version of this activity over at our new location,  It is free to download: Free Clock Printable

You might be interested in this free telling time analog clock printable I made (some years after this post!) It is also free to download: 

 Someone asked me what workbook we use for math these day and whether we still use Right Start Math.  I love Right Start, but this year we veered away from it.  We only use it occasionally. Instead we went through Spectrum Math. He is just about done with the entire book, so as we finish that up he also works through a lot of worksheets that I have printed out from the Internet.

We continue to use the free Montessori based addition and subtraction worksheets (for adding or subtracting numbers up into the thousands) that I came across. See the picture below.

And we also use multiplication sheets that practice skills through the 6 times tables.
Here's a photo of what he works through most days:

We have some free Montessori-Style addition and subtraction pages over at our new location,

Free Montessori Style Addition Sheets

Free Montessori Style Addition Pages with Regrouping

Free Montessori Style Subtraction Pages with Borrowing

You might also be interested in some of our other math materials:

Pirate Pack and Place Value Activities

Math Fact Games

Math Worksheets and Games (Addition & Subtraction) - Dragon Theme

Multiplication Worksheet Generator from Soft Schools (pictured to the far right in the photo above)

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Happy Homeschooling, everyone!!  ~Liesl


  1. Great post!! I am going to fix me a clock as well. My son is learning this as well, I must say I love the clock!! Thanks a ton!

  2. What a great printable! Love it! Thanks for sharing.... you always come up with the best math activities.