Thursday, December 16, 2010

We're Enjoying the Festive Season

The kids were all born in Australia and there was no snow in the Outback. Today was their very first snow experience!  What fun! We got about three inches; it snowed all day and we were in and out of the house until late this evening.

ED loved licking the snow while LD scared me with his daring dashes down our steep driveway on the sled!  The woods sure look pretty!

We also took the opportunity inside to warm up with hot chocolate.  We each made a pinecone bird feeder or two (you know, pinecones covered with peanut butter and bird seed.  I made these as a girl scout years ago!)  We hung them on the gate that leads out to the creek and woods beyond our house.
I guess you can't really see them, but our pinecone bird feeders are hanging off the gate.
I never did get a picture of them sledding down the driveway (I was too busy sledding with them!) but you can see LD in the top middle of the picture (a black blur) getting ready to sled down the less steep grassy slope. Now that gives you an idea of what our driveway is like!!)
We're ready for a full house... when hubby's entire family joins us for Christmas. We'll have 6 adults and 3 children our kids' ages joining our family of 5 from Dec. 24-Jan 5th. (plus Grandma and Grandpa, on my side, will drive out to join us for a couple of days too!)  It's amazing to be back in the country closer to our beloved family.
I was mentioning the steep driveway... well when I took the evening pictures above, we were out partly because the UPS truck was stuck in front of our house for nearly an hour. They kept slip-sliding around and couldn't make it up the hill (which again is no where near as steep as our driveway!).  Our house is tucked down in the hollow with hills more or less on all sides.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful... We don't have snow where we live and so I am always drawn towards those wintery snow scenes. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful Christmas!