Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday-themed Art

We have been enjoying holiday-themed art this past week--Christmas trees, nutcrackers, gingerbread men and more!
I went over to check out Art Projects for Kids and saw this very cute nutcracker art project.  LD and DD were keen to give it a try. DD was very excited because she is dancing in the Nutcracker.  She has done at least a half-dozen nutcracker drawings plus the drawing/painting she did last week.
Check out Art Projects for Kids for directions.  We used oil pastels and water colors.

The girls continue to draw and paint and draw and paint!  ED is obsessed with Christmas trees. She has painted at least 10 and is now enjoying the oil pastels.  This is the first time I have let her use them and they have quite a different texture.
I added in DD's drawing/painting just because I love her little rose garden!
This isn't particularly holiday-themed either (a scary cave/mountain out in the desert with cacti and rocks), but LD decided to do a diorama with movable parts. The rocks roll up and down the mountain and the people can also move like puppets.  He worked for two hours on this and while I made a couple of suggestions on how to make things stand upright and to add coins to weight down his rocks and people), he did the project entirely on his own.

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  1. Those nutcrackers are awesome, they certainly did a great job!

    Love his diorama too, well done.