Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Make a Pin Map of Europe

We are heading off to Europe in our world music class this week and to get ready for that, I made a pin map of Europe.  I'll explain how I made mine in case someone else finds it useful.

Step 1: I printed off a blank map of Europe from  I also printed off the labeled Europe map from that same website as a control. I laminated these two maps.

Step 2: I cut out a piece of plastic for the base (so the pins don't go through all of the foam), 4 pieces of foam and placed the laminated map on the top. I used the sticky side of the foam to hold the plastic base and the map in place.

Step 3:  I cut out a piece of contact paper so that it was about an inch and a half wider than my foam/map pile.

Step 4: I put the contact paper across the bottom and under the laminated map on top.

Step 5: I used clear packing tape (which I find more durable and stronger than the contact paper) and place about a half-inch of tape across the map's borders and wrapped it around to the back.

Step 6: My laminator broke on its way across the ocean, so I used an iron (heated up and then cooled) to quickly move down the laminating sheets and seal them. This is not as good as a laminating machine, but will do for now until I replace my old one.

European country flag and labels: I used the smaller version of the flags of Europe free to download at Montessori Materials

 Step 7: I cut out the flag/labels and then put a push pin through the left hand side.  Then I used packing tape and covered both the front, the pin and the back of the flag.

Step 8: I trimmed the tape around the edges.

 Here's the finished product once again:

I've also made pin maps of the continents, Asia and of the world biomes (scroll through the "geography" entries on the left sidebar if you're interested in seeing those).