Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall Fun (Indoor Activities-counting,letters, crafts, etc.)

We've been enjoying fall both inside and out! This post has actually gotten quite long, so I'll post more of our outdoor adventures in a bit.  Here are some of the fall-themed activities we've been up to inside. 
Here are some more activities I've had ready to pull out for ED when I'm working with the older kids. I just want to add that suddenly ED gets it!  She's easily counting up to 7 or 8 while pointing at each object and counted up to 16 (remembering number 4!!) for the first time yesterday.  It's amazing how quickly they jump when for so long she'd count "1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3" or "1,2,3,5,6,7..." never remembering number 4.
I used some leaves I got from a dollar store and wrote letters on them to place on top of the letter card sheet. Those were from that new website I found the other day ED seems to be enjoying the sandpaper letters at this point too. You can make them yourself, but I bought mine a couple of years ago.
Just a cereal box with slits to "mail" the letters!
It has been several months since we last did an eye-dropper activity.  I cut coffee filters in the shapes of leaves and let ED go at it. Then I had to start cutting up napkins because she wanted to continue on and on and on! She spent at least 30 minutes on this!
Later she added the leaves to this tree I cut out.
I had things out for the girls to make turkeys.  This is what DD came up with!
Here's our (growing) front porch display--finally got the Halloween stuff put away!
I brought out pipe cleaners, fall themed stickers and some styrofoam balls and let them at it. They all came up with such different ideas. EDs were suns, DD made a fall ball and a fall creature and LD made rockets.
We did a lot of fall activities a few weeks ago too so if you want to see more of our crafts and stuff, click on the FALL THEME on the sidebar to the left.

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  1. It looks like a lot of fall fun going on at your house. We sort of missed fall as we went south for the few weeks it happened up here.

    I'm passing along the Versatile Blogger award to you. gives the button and more information.