Saturday, November 6, 2010

Butterfly and Insect Lapbook

A few weeks ago, I asked DD what she wanted to learn about. She chose to study butterflies and insects. We used two lapbooks. One is no longer available. The other one was a free lapbook on butterflies from Yee Shall Know. (If you've never seen any of her lapbooks, I highly recommend her free lapbooks. They are based on the Magic School Bus chapter books and she's done topics such as germs, tornadoes, the food chain and more.)

DD learned SO much working on this lapbook and it's wonderful because it's so interactive. She comes back to it again and again to play the games and stuff.

So here are some pictures of her (more-or-less) finished product! She still has to finish the front cover and I'll come back and add that in sometime later.

Here are some of the bits and pieces that go with the lapbook. Ladybugs for making addition problems, insect and non-insect sorting cards.

These are butterfly identification cards.
These butterfly lifecycle cards are from A Bit of This and A Bit of That. Thank you!  I printed out just one set of pictures and DD matched the words to the pictures.

Learning about symmetry -- placing dots of paint on a folded butterfly and then pressing the butterfly halves together.

Recently, I made some butterfly themed printables for PreK-K that you could add to this lapbook. They are free and you'll find them at this post over at my new location ( 


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  2. What a thorough lapbook! Now that my daughter is in 6th grade, I look fondly on these "little kid" lapbooks.

  3. Wonderful lapbook! I liked it so much that I featured it on my blog today. Check it out!