Monday, September 20, 2010

Enjoying Time in the Woods

On Monday we spent several hours out in the woods exploring.  The weather is perfect -- low humidity and comfortable 70-80 degrees (22-25 C or so).
Do you have those -- knock your hand against your head moments?  Well we suddenly realized why these are called Yellow Poplars!

(Below that is a purple maple leaf DD wanted in the picture as well!)

There aren't anywhere near as many mushrooms out in the woods these days, but we did come across this pretty one.
I have no idea what kind of a tree this is, but the way the sunlight was catching these lacy looking berries was just beautiful.
Just watch out for the thorns on the trunk of that berry tree!! Ouch!
The kids were so industrious.  LD was building a "trap." DD was making a complicated map.  And ED was drawing animals in the dirt.

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