Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Measuring Dinosaurs Activity

We looked up the length of several well-known dinosaurs, grabbed our plastic models and then went outside to see how long they really were. We chose
stegosaurus 30 feet
T-Rex 40 feet
apatosaurus 90 feet
We looked at how long one foot was (we hadn't done measuring in feet before as we've used the metric system up until now) -- and then measured out the dinosaurs' lengths using a 20 foot piece of ribbon (though in the picture to the left, LD was using a one-foot piece to estimate where 30 feet was -- he came very, very close!).

That's a long way back to the tip of it's tail (at the bottom of the driveway!)


  1. Liesl, I love your activiti. Simple, but so interesting :-)

  2. Love this one as well. We are always comparing the size of dinos to things for our littles, but this is even more hands-on and concrete.