Wednesday, August 18, 2010


To make our bird unit especially appealing to LD we, of course, had to add in some science egg-speriments!

While DD and I were unable to smash our eggs...

LD did!!  We're not quite sure why, but then when he tried it with a second egg he couldn't break it no matter how hard he tried.  Anyway, this experiment was designed to show how strong egg shells are and how their shape helps protect them.
We added a lot of salt to one cup and had plain water in the other cup.
The egg in salty water floated, while the other egg sunk.  We talked about why that was the case and how salt molecules changed the density of the water.


  1. Your project about the birds is fabulous!! How long did you planned all the interesting activities you are posting about?

  2. Yes I agree a fabulous unit. I amcurious as to how long it takes you to plan and what process you go through when planning a unit.

    Also did you share a list of books you were using for this unit?

  3. Your bird unit has been fantastic. I must remember to come back to it when we study birds again.

  4. Wow everyone! You made my day; what lovely comments! To be honest, it's pretty hard to tell how much time I spend planning (lots!). I pretty much always have things brewing in the back of my mind and am on the lookout for upcoming units... even as we work on our current things.

    I knew I'd be doing a unit on birds when we first left Australia. So during our travels I used the Internet to start planning out our next couple of units. When we were in California, I spent about a week really thinking about it and scouring the Internet when I had a chance (in the evenings or whatever). I'd pop on and off the computer, jot down ideas (into a planning notebook I have) and then mull things over. Often I adapt ideas I've seen from other people. Generally I do use books to help me plan too, but in this case (and for our time line unit/geologic time unit), I have primarily used the Internet.

    A couple weeks later when we were in Missouri I made sure I jotted down all the ideas I had gathered and started printing out things and getting things ready (like doing the cornstarch clay eggs).

    For activities geared for the younger two, I almost always head over to (I find her website so inspiring!) and websites such as

    and for ideas for my older son I often head to sites such as

    As a starting point, I generally google the topic I'm interested in (bird unit or fossils) and just see what I come across. And I almost always include a search with "experiment" (egg experiments; fossil experiments) to see what I can find that is especially appealing to LD. I also usually do a search with "second grade". In this case I came across:
    which had wonderful egg-related experiments.

    I have always loved preparing for classes (I taught high school and university history and also taught history to elementary kids for a while)... I really, really enjoy prepping and trying to see what creative ideas I come across. I'm obviously in debt to all of you creative bloggers too!!


  5. Thanks for responding. I realy love to see/hear how others plan things out.

    I think I am pretty similar to you. I am in semi planning mode for several upcoming units and as one is ready that is what we begin.

    Thanks again :-)

  6. You're welcome, Kylie! I always enjoy checking out what you and your kids are up to as well. Too bad we can't have you all over to come hunt frogs in the creek!! (Just a bit too far, right?!!)

    By the way, I remember you asked another question the other day. I've been meaning to respond to those questions as well, but haven't gotten to it (sorry!). I'm still busy unpacking and putting things away (not to mention just keeping up with other things like the mowing... I spent an hour and a half today mowing and am only 1/3 of the way done! Sometimes I feel like a farmer with my "pretty" white/pink gum boots now stained green!!)