Monday, July 12, 2010

Bad Bugs, Good Bugs

Earlier today LD, DD and I went out to collect some fossils for some cyber-friends. As LD reached under a rock he got stung by something pretty terrible. I know there are scorpions in Missouri as hubby once stepped on one here in Grams and Gramps' house. We don't know what it was exactly that got LD today, but cold ice compresses and benadryl spray seemed to alleviate most of his pain (after an hour or so).

Anyway, LD wanted me to take a picture of this cicada since it is green instead of bright orange like the ones in central Australia. So here's his cicada friend.

And on a similar note, here are some photos we took last year of a couple of cicadas emerging from their shells:


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  3. I use to live in Md. I vividly remember the cicadas every summer. They were loud, but now I miss them.

    I have been spending a few moments on your blog and find it amazing.