Thursday, April 22, 2010

Workbox Area--The Way It Was!

Like many people, we were short on space. Our workboxes
were set up between the kitchen and hallway doors. I
made the red book display case to fit under the hanging
baskets which held some of the bigger books that we used
regularly. The hard plastic files (to the left of the red book
display shelf) helped keep things organized for the work-
boxes. They held things like Montessori math manipulatives
cut up "science-take it to your seat centers), worksheets
and things like that. The last picture shows some of the
subject labels that hung on the front. I found that much
easier to keep things organized if I knew what was in each

It'll be fun to set up a new homeschool area three or four
months from now. Maybe we'll have more space?!

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  1. Where did you buy those workbox shelves?

    Thanks! Your organization looks great!