Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jesse Gap

One of the few things we did out-and-about
last week was to go to Jesse Gap with friends.
The older kids had a lot of fun climbing up
the rocks. There was a "cave" up behind the
trees and the boys spent a long time exploring
while the younger ones hid plastic Easter
eggs in the grass. (Yes, we kept a hawk's-eye
out for snakes!)

Meanwhile, on the home front we've continued
to sort, pack up and sell. We've gotten rid of
much of our "big stuff" the truck (but not the
car), all the playground equipment, trampoline,
lots of appliances (since Australia is 22o, etc.),
baby stuff, tot-toys and more. I even sorted
through all our home-school stuff, sorted it into
send by ship (and not see it for 4-6+ months)
and take-it-with-us in suitcases stuff. I emptied
the workboxes and disassembled them for the
packout, etc.

The packers come in two weeks. We leave Australia
two weeks after that for new adventures in the U.S.
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  1. Wow! hope you enjoyed your time in Australia and good luck with whatever happens next!