Saturday, April 3, 2010

Free Life Science Curriculum (early elementary)

I just learned about a science website called The Lab of Mr. Q. Wow! What a find!  This 8th grade science teacher created a science curriculum for the young elementary ages.  He offers the Life Science student and parent texts for FREE!  His Life Science curriculum includes these units: 1) Basic Needs 2) Biomes 3) Life Cycles 4) Classification 5) Food Webs 6) Senses 7) Body Organs 8) Cells 9) Health and Nutrition 10) Glossary. While I only glanced through some of it, his style is humorous. I'll print some out to see how LD likes it (I'll keep you posted!).  Anyway, it's definitely worth passing this information on to you to check out for yourself.

His other curriculums include: Earth Science, Chemistry and Physical Science. You can download the first chapters of each of those to see if they suit your needs.

You can also sign up for a monthly Lab Notes (which include a science experiment) or visit his lab notes archive to see some of his previous experiments. 

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  1. Its the end of Sept and I know you posted this way back in April... but thank you! I've been working with my dds (4&9)... and this just might be the answer to what I was hoping to work with my dds on.