Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Grade Math (addition/place value)

We've been really busy the past couple of weeks; hence, the
silence from the homeschool den. We're continuing to watch
friend,  a 7yr old girl, during the Dec./Jan. school break. (The
new school year  begins next week for them.) Even though we
have the friend, we've been continuing to homeschool.  L just
joins in with us!

Anyway, here are an assortment of entries sharing some of the
things we've been up to the past week or so.  In addition to
this, we've also had swim lessons 3X a week for LD, L-friend
and DD.  I spend quality swim-time with ED while the three
older kids have their lesson.  ED (almost 2) is now very
confident jumping in and going under the water.

Now on to this entry... We continue to review/reinforce basic
math addition facts.

I made this little rocket/planet activity that LD and his
friend have enjoyed.

We also reviewed place value:

Second Picture:
Purple dots-- units and 10s http://www.montessorimaterials.org/Math/Bead1_10.pdf
Purple dots -- 100s http://www.montessorimaterials.org/Math/Beads_Hun_Thou.pdf

I put a few 1000s together with a brad, just so LD could
"see" how many 1000 dots actually were

Bottom picture: Place value stamps (I printed them out
on different colored paper:

We also have done some basic double digit addition, but
I'll need to retake those photos (they're incredibly blurry!)

This week, LD has also been writing in his journal,
working on cursive handwriting, reading out loud,
listening to several chapter books (we currently have
three chapter books in progress!!) practicing piano,
working on German with me, and learning a bit about
ancient Greece. He does these subjects most every
day.  We've had so much going on that we haven't
done any new science experiments and will save them
for another (slower) time!

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