Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Join us at our New Home:

Our blog has now had more than 3.5 million page views! After three years under the umbrella, we have moved to our third -- and final location... 

Please join us at our new location... you'll find all kinds of resources there...

  •  Big Animal Bundle: Animal Packet: Vertebrate-Invertebrate, Nocturnal Animals, Where Animals Live, Animal Classification and more!  World Animals, The Rainforest, Animal Life Cycles, Winter Packet-Polar Animals, Hibernation and More!

Our free Montessori-style math sheets have also been really popular: 

We have a number of different sets. Click either picture and you'll find links to other sets.

  • Science packets and Hands-On Activity Ideas on Simple Machines, the Digestive System, Human Body, Rocks and Minerals, Weather, Water, the Layers of the Atmosphere, Earth Science and more!

  • History Notebook Pages on everything from Ancient Egypt to the Civil Rights Movement and dozens of topics in between!

  • World Religions Packets - Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Taoism, the Catholic Church, Islam, Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

  • Grammar Pages -- Our worksheets on apostrophes, comma rules and the use of "there, their, they're or its it's" are especially popular! :)
  • Math Worksheets - Skip counting mazes, fun themed practice worksheets (Pokemon, Pete the Cat, Minecraft and more)
We have some terrific new resource pages:
How to Start Homeschooling: This post has links to dozens of posts and resources both for new and veteran homeschoolers for everything from finding homeschool curriculum to general homeschool advice and encouragement.

 Other useful pages:
 Homeschool Resources

 Preschool at Home

 Dinosaur PreK Packet
  • Also coming soon: Muscular and Circulatory Packets that include worksheets, lapbook and notebook pages

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We hope to see you there soon! ~Liesl and the Kids