Friday, August 5, 2011

How to make the cutest snakes and lizards out of pony beads

The kids' cousins went to camp this year and taught DD and LD how to make these pony-bead snakes and lizards.  I thought they were so cute I thought I would share the general procedure here.

You need thin ribbon and pony beads.

First take very thin ribbon and cut a strip about two feet long. Place a knot in the middle of the ribbon and slide a bead onto the ribbon to the right of the knot. Take the ribbon from the other side of the knot (left side in the picture below) and slide it through the bead from the right to the left.
In the picture below, I have pulled the ribbon through the bead and am now pulling the ribbon to the left.

For the second row (picture below) feed two beads through.  Then feed the other ribbon through the other way as shown.

Pull the ends of the ribbon and slide the beads tight.

Continue to do this adding in rows until your snake is complete.
If you want to make a lizard, here are the steps to add in legs:

Slide 5 or 6 beads onto one ribbon.  The yellow beads above are the legs, the blue and purple beads are the toes.  You slide the ribbon back through the yellow beads (not the toes) to make  the leg. Repeat on the other side. Then continue with the body as you did the head area.

More leg pictures.

More body pictures. Slide the beads on one ribbon, then slide the other ribbon through the other way and pull tight.

My ribbon was too short, so I just tied on more ribbon and continued on.

The finished lizard!  So cute!


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