Sunday, July 17, 2011

Learning German -- Lesson Pages

Her are a few of the printouts I've made for when we start back up with German after our summer holiday.  The kids know very, very little -- just the numbers 1 through 12, some animals and some of the colors. Basically, we need to start over.

Our German-learning is pretty much all conversational. That said, it's been useful having DD's poems hung up in near the dining room table. For that reason, I've made some sheets that I can hang up for the kids to glance at as we work on new words and vocabulary. I'm not sure anyone else will find these of much use unless you speak a bit of German and are at a very beginning, basic level with your kids. But I may as well share, right?  

I'm using google docs which does not have umlauts (pair of dots ( ¨ ) above a vowel) -- so those are obviously omitted on these sheets and I'll write them in with a pen.

 This is just a simple sheet. The kids will color in the starburst and write the color names.
die Farben printout link

Basic greetings: Good morning. How are you? Thanks, good. Not so good. I'm tired. etc.
Wie geht's printout link.

What is that?  Basic words like table, chair, book, picture, pencil, pen, window etc.

The next page asks where is the... and what color is...

 Was ist das? Wo ist...? Welche Farbe hat...? printout link.

 Clothing words and the second page just has pictures of clothing.

die Kleidung printout link
die Kleidung page 2

And again here are a couple of my previous German language worksheets:

Die Farben - the colors 

die Zahlen 1 bis 12 -- German numbers which can be used as three-part cards.
 Link to numbers 1-100--this might be useful to someone. It has the German numbers from 1 to 100 written out. (For example, 27 = zweiundzwanzig)

You can find all these worksheets on the Free Downloads Page as well (scroll down to the bottom to the blue section).

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