Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Domino Math -- PK, K and 2nd Grades

DD took a domino and created an addition problem writing it on her recording sheet.

We used the domino recording sheet from Mathwire. You can find more domino math ideas on the investigating dominoes page and on  this Mathwire page.There's a cute activity also for addition called the domino parking lot with use with regular sized dominoes.

ED simply counted the dots and put her wooden numbers on top of each side of the domino.

I changed the addition sign to multiplication for LD.

You can extend these activities by printing out the double-nine domino set from Mathwire.


  1. Where did you get those nice wooden numbers? These are great activities from Mathwire. Thank you for reminding me of them.

  2. Oops, sorry forgot to answer you... life got away from me. I got those wooden numbers when we lived in Australia. They were sold (for a dollar or so) either at "Mad Harry's" -- a store much like the Dollar Tree-- or at K-Mart. I've never seen them in the US. ~Liesl