Saturday, April 9, 2011

Precious Words!

LD actually told me, "Mom, I like reading more than TV!"  In the past few weeks he has zoomed through a fantasy series called Beast Quest and he would read one and often two books a day! The series is about a young boy who goes on a quest to release various beasts from a spell that was placed on them (the beasts protect their kingdom).  I've always loved sci fi and fantasy (and so has hubby) so it's interesting to see LD so caught up in that genre as well!!   Luckily, our library had up to book #18 (we had the first few). The series continues after that, but it looks like the other books have not been released in the US yet so they are harder to get.

Is there a series of books that you might suggest for LD (who is seven)? He has read the Magic Tree House series and this Beast Quest series. He read the first two Boxcar Children books, but wasn't interested in continuing.


  1. Hi,

    MY son is same age as LD and he recently is reading Charlie and the chocolate factory, and Charlie and the great glass elevator. He loved those two books.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check that out of the library sometime soon.

  3. My daughter is the same age as LD and she thinks the Geronimo Stilton books are good, I have found it hard to find descent chapter books for their age!