Thursday, January 13, 2011

Skip Counting by 4s -- StarFighter Game

Here are the cards and game boards I made for LD. I cut them out and mounted them on a file folder so you can't see through the back!

The red cards are the 4s times tables plus two enemy tie fighters. The game board has five slots.

To play the game all the red cards are turned upside down. Each player takes a turn choosing a card and solving the problem. He/she places the card on his board if he gets it correct. If not, the card gets placed back down face down. If a player chooses an enemy tie fighter he loses all the starfighters on his board and has to start over. Those cards are mixed up and placed in the middle once again. The first player to fill all five slots on his gameboard wins.

Since LD is just learning to skip count by 4s, he can use the help sheets he made the other day to help solve the problems.
I suspect I'll be making a simple-addition unicorn game like this soon for DD!!!

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  1. This looks like heaps of fun!!! Hey, I was wondering if you could email me at'm and Aussie married to an American and we've lived in the USA for 7 years but are going to be moving to AUS sometime this year....was wondering if you have any thought on Shipping companies etc and how you found the whole "moving across the world" thing with little did they cope with culture shock etc????