Friday, October 8, 2010

More Fall-Themed Activities

The girls really liked this crow popcorn seed counting activity.  DD and I worked on counting by 2s (up to 10) and 10s (up to 100).  Meanwhile, ED simply worked on one-to-one correspondence counting up to 10. She did this a number of times as well!

I printed this from
There are some great fall-themed printables at Print Activities LD did skip counting by 3s up to 300 and DD simply followed the maze from 1 to 100.  They also have a cute acorn maze that both kids whipped through. has a whole set of fall-related math activities that are just perfect for LD. This is the only one we did this week, but we'll be doing several other activities from there soon.
We played a number of rounds of fall-themed bingo with DD reading the words. This was great practice for her as it really pushed her reading skills.  I got that from (a membership website with wonderful activities).
I'm adding in this picture because I was blown away that ED was able to color in the leaves so well.  She and DD spend at least an hour drawing and coloring at the craft table each day, so ED really has a wonderful pencil grip.  Once I told her what color a certain leaf was "supposed" to be, she was able to find the other leaves and color them in as well.  Now I know lots of people cringe at the idea of kids being told what to color, but I was actually looking at this more as a color recognition activity. Oh--and the sheet came from

I left out some leaves with a hole-punch and the kids all took turns decorating the little tree (it turns on and glows).  You could do the same kind of activity with a branch from a tree.


  1. Nice activities! I am going to have to check out! Thanks

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    just subscribed to kidssoup from all the nice things i heard about from you .their website is so colorful and bright . thank you for sharing