Saturday, August 28, 2010

My heart is home

This week was really quite special.  As I mention in the post below, LD and I had some wonderful talks about life, the miracles of life, the events that shape us, the paths we take along this amazing life of ours.  Something almost as touching, was when I realized that we were here.  We have come so far in these past four months and now we are once again a warm family, bonding, learning, living and thriving together. This picture of course, can't capture my heart and emotions, but there DD and I were playing Sunny Side Up (again and again!), there was ED happy, engaged and choosing independent (!) work, and there was LD snug up chair beyond with a book, Totally Amazing Insects. I felt like we had arrived -- we're home!


  1. I'm so glad you are where you want to be. I know the magical feeling of everyone being connected and happy to be indpendent at the same time, beautiful!

  2. Hi Dingo family,
    Sam here from the outback. I’m so happy for you, you all look so content. I have to say a big thank you to you for your inspiring blogg, it has been a top quality resource that has changed and completely educated me, putting our family in the right direction. Before I met you I thought I really did a lot for our children (I thought I had all the answers and I’m very sorry for that)!!! This was the first place I looked when our eldest at preschool started to withdraw and lose some of her sparkle, I needed help. We’ve turned the TV off armed ourselves with Jim Trelease’s handbook. We’ve made every part of the house accessible embracing Montessori ideas. We read Caldecott seconds and other award winning picture books at breakfast, snacks and lunch including chapter books, we have quiet time!!! The greatest inspiration is seeing home schooling at its absolute best, you are doing a brilliant job and your kids are thriving, I really want this for us. I’d really love some advice on home schooling and what resource texts you used to start and your ideas. I find the whole thing really daunting regardless of my three degrees including a primary school teaching degree, but I’ll tell you the truth, I have spent over 15 thousand dollars on a degree that didn’t come close to informing me about educational ideas and children in general like your site has!!! I was not prepared for the schooling experience we are having or that I would ever really contemplate home schooling seriously. ( I’m ashamed to admit I had some very, very young ideas)But I really want the best for the kids and for them to be happy. Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful ideas its been a real learning curve and something I’ve really taken to heart.

  3. Sam! Thank you for writing!!! You deserve a long response back, but I promised hubby I wouldn't be more than five minutes. I'll try to write tomorrow. Thank you, thank you for your lovely message... I know YOU are an absolutely amazing and inspiring Mom!!!!
    I promise to write soon --Liesl