Friday, August 20, 2010

County Fair

Last weekend was LD's birthday; he turned seven. We still don't know anyone well enough to have over to celebrate his birthday with us, but we had a wonderful day at the county fair! We were surprised how few people were there -- especially compared to "Show Days" (the annual fair that came to our town in central Australia). I wasn't quite up to getting the kids organized to submit crafts or lego creations, but hope to next year.


  1. HOW fun! Happy 7th b-day to your son! We travel alot with my hubby's job and we recently arrived in Iowa. We attended the Iowa State Fair and it was SOOOO crowded! I would have given anything for it to be as empty as the elephant ride depicts!

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog! I have a 4.5 yr old (5 in Oct) and a 3 yr old. I always like to follow along on blogs w/ kids around the same age!

    It is a dream of ours to travel, one day, to Australia. Ahhhh...maybe some day!

    Sound like you are glad to be back in the US though. Good luck in your new town!

  2. Hi Shelby,

    Thanks for your nice comments! Our daughter will be 5 in October as well!

    We sure were lucky with the fair. I think the weather kept some people away as it was threatening rain in the morning, but then cleared up and was a lovely overcast.

    We're really loving being back here -- in part just because everything is so convenient and accessible. I've also been blown away by how quickly packages come. I'm so used to waiting at least two weeks (but usually more like 4-6 weeks) for anything I ordered (homeschool supplies and the like) as I had to have them sent to family and then they'd send things on over!!

    Again, thanks for dropping a comment. It's so lovely hearing from others!