Monday, March 22, 2010

Sedimentary Rock Activity

For sedimentary rocks, we talked about how the
rocks were formed by layers building up one a-top
the other. Then we made our own sedimentary

We had different colors of sand (I added food dye
of various colors to the sand and mixed it together
the night before). We also collected dried up leaves
and small pebbles to add to the layers.

Don't miss our free 3 Types of Rocks worksheets that I made (when we studied rocks a few years after I wrote this post). There are also a lot of hands-on activity ideas in that post.
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  1. I LOVE your teach the way I want to. Such great ideas, I'm ready to start my almost 5yo on rocks. Seems so fun! Not sure if she's interested though. Wish I had a friend like you around here. I want to do school at your house all the time!