Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skip Counting by 3s -- Activity Sheets to Download

I couldn't find activity sheets exactly like I
was looking for, so I made a few of my own.
These sheets are for introducing skip counting
from 3 to 36. The child simply connects the
numbers in order. I laminated the sheets so
that we can repeat them from time to time. (Sorry
about the poor quality of the photos, it was late!)

By the way, I decided not to upload the chameleon
page where they simply write in the multiples of 3
(3,6,9). I wasn't sure how interested anyone else
would be and in retrospect I would have chosen a
different picture/art work, but don't want to re-do
the sheet. (I can upload them if there's any interest,
just let me know.)

My son wants to do a unit on reptiles, thus the
reptile theme on all of these sheets!

The links to download these sheets are on the sidebar.

If your child is more advanced, s/he might be able to
do the counting mazes that go up to 300 or so!

There are also some skip counting wagons at
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  1. these are great! :) I am posting some skip counting charts that I made either this week or next. Our kids have been working on that too!

  2. Wonderful, I can't wait to see them!