Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ancient Greek Unit -- Read Aloud Books

Here are the books we've been reading aloud for our
ancient Greek unit. Aliki's book, The Gods and Goddesses
of Olympus
(top left above; top book below) has
beautiful illustrations and the stories about the gods and
goddesses are engaging. I really recommend that one!

Classic Myths to Read Aloud has no illustrations, but
LD has enjoyed the stories. If you want a book with
similar stories (Daedalus and Icarus; Arachne the
Spinner; Perseus; Odysseus) that has illustrations
there is Greek Myths retold by Geraldine McCaughrean
(bottom book below).

We really like the First Greek Myths series (middle row,
the two on the left) by Saviour Pirotta.

LD has enjoyed Mary Pope Osborne's books: The
Magic Tree House, Hour of the Olympics. And
Osborne's Tales From the Odyssey (a series of six
books), such as The One-Eyed Giant (Book 1) is
written on the same level as the Magic Tree
House series. Again, LD has enjoyed this book a lot
(we're still on the first in the series of six).

myths to download at I burned them
to CD and we have listened to them many, many times
in the car! Her Greek Myths include:

Helen of Troy
The Wooden Horse
In the Cyclops Cave
Circe the Beautiful Witch
The Homecomin of Odysseus
The Minotaur
The Boy Who Flew to High
The Midas Touch

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